At Babette Beautee Ink, we set ourselves apart with our years of expertise studying permanent cosmetics. We are firm believers that if you want to have beautiful healed lasting results you invest not only in continued education but in quality tools and pigments. We use top of the line high-quality disposable products, medical-grade needles & top of the line pigments. We customize permanent cosmetics to fit your facial structure to complement and enhance your features. We do not use any stencils, we do not believe in the theory that one size fits all. Step into our studio for a Luxury Experience in addition to our top-quality service. 



Hi, my name is Sonya. I hate writing about myself, because it always seems a bit ‘braggy’, but I guess you need to know your Artist and teacher So Here it goes!

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I worked in the medical field for 7 years. As an HR Director, I established created and administered multiple training programs for the medical department. Creativity designing and training have always been my strong suite.  So how does this fall into PMU? Good Question!  

I first became interested in permanent make up when looking in to having my own eyebrows tattooed. I became fascinated by the transformation that these procedures can create and the confidence they can promote in people. I became OBSESSED and I realized that I wanted to train in this field. After careful consideration and lots of research I decided to quit my job and dive right into PMU training. My Husband thought I was crazy for quitting my Job and embarking on tattooing makeup on female faces. His questioning and endless “are you sure” remarks led me to believe he thought PMU sounded absurd. Little did he know just how much PMU was about to revolutionize the beauty industry and create Hyper-realistic results.  
I specialize in small group, 4-5-day masterclasses in microblading and PMU. I am licensed as a master permanent makeup artist. I received countless advanced PMU certifications from well-known international master trainers all over the globe. I have amassed an abundance of PMU experience, both as an artist and as a trainer. In 2016, I opened Babette Beautee Ink which offers PMU Aesthetic Services & Training Academy.
I am a firm advocate that a teacher is only as good as their student’s work, and I guess I am known for my ’tell-you-all-my-secrets’ style and I have been told “I have a keen eye to detail, I am a perfectionist at nailing down each brow design”. I credit my extensive PMU experience with my ability to have adapted to PMU so quickly, to absorb mainstream concepts, and add a twist of  artistry, and a garnish of my own creativity to produce unique results.

In a short time frame, I developed my own signature techniques and created some amazing courses that shape and mentor people, while driving them forward and giving them ALL the tools they need and the belief to become not only successful artists but successful business people. This is where my Business degree comes into play 🙂 
I truly believe that although make-up and permanent make-up are separate disciplines, there is a considerable overlap that can be adapted to produce truly unique results in a safe, and lasting way. We are finally at a crossroads where PMU technology and techniques have developed to a point where they can be used to adapt advanced hyper realistic makeup to produce fantastic lifechanging results. It is an exciting time and I am glad to be a part of it! Although I do love PMU, my true passion is using my skills to enhance the confidence of women (and men) who have experienced medical related hair loss & scars (e.g. alopecia or chemotherapy related hair loss or breast cancer resulting in areola scars). I am thankful and blessed that my artistry is my purpose to help others through their Journey.

Although a teacher myself, I do not believe in the binary definitions of ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. I believe good teachers should always consider themselves as students, as it is arrogant to believe you cannot learn from others – no matter how good you are. So, do not be surprised if you turn your head at your next conference or class and see me sitting next to you!

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